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The experience garnered has set Penguin Films apart with many awards from across the globe.



It has been over twenty years since the first series of KHULULEKA was broadcast on South African television screens. KHULULEKA was launched in 1994 to coincide with our country’s introduction to democracy. The original series of KHULULEKA was an initiative of the Matla Trust which was set up by President Nelson Mandela to educate first time voters. The popularity of the series led to subsequent series which covered a wide range of educational topics including democracy, human rights issues and the need to inform communities about local government. Sponsors of previous series have included the Mott Foundation, the Department of Constitutional Development, SABC Education and the Independent Electoral Commission.
GENRE: Drama, Television

African Sky Stories

African Sky Stories 2 echoes the rich storytelling culture of the African continent that was introduced in the innovative and acclaimed first series. Each of the stories in both series has been told around fires under the African sky for countless generations.
GENRE: Documentary, Drama, Television
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