Penguin Films is renowned for outstanding television production in drama, comedy, reality TV and game shows.


African Sky Stories

African Sky Stories 2 echoes the rich storytelling culture of the African continent that was introduced in the innovative and acclaimed first series. Each of the stories in both series has been told around fires under the African sky for countless generations.

Madam & Eve

Madam & Eve is a sitcom based on the popular comic strip characters. The satirical strip takes a humorous look at the unique relationship between two South African women as they reach out to each other - across the kitchen – in the new South Africa. In 2000, Roberta Durrant, adapted the cartoon to a live sitcom for e-TV, South Africa's second free to air channel. It soon became the channel’s top watched local programme, scoring highly across all demographic groups. Its success resulted in the commissioning of a second series. By the second episode, it was again notching up the channel’s highest ratings for a local programme.

Mazinyo Dot Q

This sitcom is set in a Bed & Breakfast in Gugulethu Township outside Cape Town, owned by Ma Mavuso-September who is hoping to cash in on the overseas tourist market in search of the “true African township” experience. The central theme is of love and acceptance that spans continents and offers us the opportunity of exploring cross cultural issues and differences, ultimately revealing that even if we think that we are different, we have so much in common.

Fela’s TV

“FELA’S TV “ is a half-hour comedy show built around the much loved performer JOE MAFELA, as well as introducing brand new young comic talent to the South African viewers and showcasing them in a fresh and exciting format. It will combine side-splitting sketches and character driven comic vignettes within the framework of a fictitious pirate TV show.

Fishy Feshuns

FISHY FêSHUNS is a family sitcom about the goings on between a group of colourful workers and their boss in a clothing factory.

Penny Siopis

This documentary follows the life of the fine artist Penny Siopis. Penny Siopis was born in 1953 in the semi -desert town of Vryburg in the Northern Cape. Siopis has exhibited locally and internationally since 1975 and has won a variety of awards including the Volkskas Atelier Award and the Vita Art Now award. Penny Siopis has her work well represented in South African and international collections.
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