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Diepe Waters

Diepe Waters

Project Description

Diepe Waters is about the trials and tribulations of the Swarts family, who owns the prestige swimming club, the Swart Marlyne.

In the main roles are Gys Swarts (Justin Strydom), Meghan Swarts (Lea Vivier), Jacques Swarts (Werner Coetser), Rossouw Swarts (Altus Theart) and Sanet Swarts (Nadia Valvekens) and their two children, Johan (Liam Bosman) and Karla (Daniélle Swanepoel).

A young woman is thrown into the deep end of the competitive swimming world when she seeks revenge for a shocking incident. She soon realizes that she is like a fish out of water.

Within the four walls of the Swart Marlyne – owned by head coach, Gys Swarts – many lies and dark secrets come to the surface.

Diepe Waters is the story of families who want to win at all costs, but struggle to stay afloat in the process.

Diepe Waters is broadcast on kykNET, DSTV channel 144 from Monday to Thursday at 18h30

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Project Details

Tags: In Production

Format: TV Programme

Production Company: Penguin Films

Seasons: 1

Year: 2022

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