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Forced Love

Forced Love

Project Description

Forced Love is a romantic comedy based on Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’. It centres on two people falling in love despite their serious misgivings about one another. Kat and Nonlhe Minola are two Cape Town socialites who rule the social scene with an iron fist. After landing up in jail, Kat signs a contract with her dad forcing her into marriage with a complete stranger. Nonhle is forced to take on a Xhosa tutor after failing Xhosa or her father will completely cut her off. These two socialites are about to be tamed by the transformational power of love!

Season 2

“Three Couples. Two Generations. Many Complications!”
Forced Love Season II follows the tremendous success of the first season which was based on the Shakespearian comedy, ‘Taming of the Shrew’.
After a highly rated first season of this romantic comedy, we pick up with our characters a few months later. Kat and Dumisani are still madly in love but Kat is struggling to negotiate her time and commitment between the apple farm and her job at Minola Cosmetics. Nonhle has subsequently broken up with Luxolo after he left for New York on an academic bursary and Mbulelo is lonely and looking at what life beyond Minola Cosmetics has to offer him.
Kat (portrayed by Zola Nombona) is on the verge of becoming the CEO of Minola Cosmetics. She struggles to find time to help her husband, Dumisani (portrayed by Mbulelo Grootboom) and suggests he hires a new manager to help him with the day-to-day duties on the farm. When he hires the gorgeous and leggy Chanel (portrayed by Shamilla Miller) it causes discord between the newly married couple.
Nonhle (portrayed by Khanya Mkangisa) is completing her postgraduate at varsity and discovers that the class she has signed up for is not what she thought it would be but then her lecturer gives them an interesting media assignment. She decides to create a vlog around her search for love as her assignment. She harrasses Themba (portrayed by Lemogang Tsipa) Luxolo’s friend, to help her with her assignment and he reluctantly agrees. The journey leads her to many frogs but then she believes she has found her prince in the form of brand conscience Thami (portrayed by Mzu Ntantiso). Themba realises he has feelings for her but it might just be too late.
Mbulelo (portrayed by Timmy Kwebulana) decides it may be time to step down after a few mishaps and hires a replacement CEO instead of Kat, much to her ire. TJ (portrayed by Anele Matoti) is a sleek, conniving man with the gift of the gab. His alterior motives may cost Mbulelo the company he has build up all his life. But Mbulelo is distracted by the beautiful cleaner at his company – Mam Fundi (portrayed by Thembi Mtshali-Jones). For the first time in decades he connects with a woman as he did with his late wife and is head over heels in love, not realising his company is in jeapordy.
In the second series of Forced Love our characters go on a journey that challenges all of their perceptions about love and courage. Their love is tested and its strength proven through adversity. Forced Love is directed by Mandllakhe Yengo and produced by multiple award winning creative producer Roberta Durrant for Penguin Films.

Project Details

Tags: TV

Location: Cape Town

Director: Itumeleng wa Lehurele, Annalet Steenkamp, Mandilakhe Yengho

Production Company: Penguin Films

Episodes: 13

Seasons: 2

Year: 2013 & 2014

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