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Project Description

Constance Dladla is the daughter of the local pastor in Gamalakhe. She has lived a sheltered and protected life under the strong guidance of her father but she harbours a secret desire. Constance wants to be a singer and wants to sing her own music on an international platform. When we first meet her she has just finished school and is helping her father’s secretary, Mrs Batyi with the church administration. The only time she gets to live out a fraction of her dream is when she sings solos in the church choir. Constance enters a local singing competition without her father’s knowledge. The competition is judged by an established South African musician – Vusi Zondi. She wows the crowd and catches the eye of the judge. But before she can find out whether she has won the competition or not, her father discovers her backstage and he drags her back home. The next day Vusi tracks Constance down at the church and offers her a job as his back-up singer. Her father is completely against the idea of course but this does not deter Constance who runs away to Gauteng to follow her dream. She lives with her cousin Mbali and starts to work for Vusi. Constance truly believes she has done the right thing by moving to the city especially when she meets Zwi – Vusi’s new composer. The two fall head over heels in love and Constance believes she is ‘living her dream’. But soon Constance finds out the real reason Vusi offered her a job and on top of that, she has to deal with Zwi’s volatile ex-girlfriend, Luko who will do anything to win back her ex-boyfriend. Will Constance have the courage to persevere and realise her dream when it seems that she has lost everything and everyone is against her? Or will she heed her father’s advice and move back home to Gamalakhe?

Project Details

Tags: Films

Location: Cape Town

Director: Amanda Lane

Production Company: Penguin Films

Year: 2016

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