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Ring of Lies

Ring of Lies

Project Description

Ring Of Lies 1
Neo, a promising young boxer, falls in love with Sli, the daughter of his manager, Mandla. The young lovers have no idea of the tangled web of betrayals, conspiracies, smokescreens and deceits that will tear apart both their families, and ultimately unravel a third, because Sli’s mother, Ruth, is nursing a long-held secret of her own.

Ring Of Lies 2
In the highly-anticipated second season, the ring gets tougher and the lies get darker. The revelations of last season left the Majola family reeling, but if that’s not enough, a member of the family dies under suspicious circumstances. Perhaps there is a darker lie that binds Neo and Sli’s families?

Project Details

Tags: TV

Location: Gauteng

Production Company: Penguin Films

Episodes: 306

Seasons: 1 and 2

Year: 2016/18

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