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Shreds and Dreams

Shreds and Dreams

Project Description

Shreds and Dreams follows four women from urban and rural settings as their lives, struggles and desires intersect.

Season 2

Shreds and Dreams Season II is adapted from the powerful play called ‘Shreds and Dreams’ written by Bongi Ndaba which had a successful run at the Market Theatre and loved by critics across board.

After a highly rated first season, we pick up with our characters approximately five years later. Our characters are still trying to escape their ‘ghosts’ but in our second series their circumstances force them to deal with the issues that plague them. Since our past is deeply embedded in each of us, our past can ‘haunt’ us if we do not deal with it. Therefore our protagonists are all on redemptive, heroic journeys. The great premise of the series then is: What if four strong women are each confronted with their own demons? Would they be able to conquer the injustices of their past and their present obstacles?

In her past Lefika (portrayed by SAFTA winning actress, Linda Sokhulu) experienced a deep sense of powerlessness. Her natural reaction to that was to exercise minute control over every aspect of her life including her intimate relationships. At the end of our previous series, Lefika felt empowered because she discovered she was not infertile and she achieved her goal of attaining her LLB. When we pick up with Lefika in our new series, she continues to struggle with her fear of losing control. She believes that if you have no control over your life, others will automatically use you. Her inability to communicate her feelings coupled with her fear of confrontation makes her alienate Mthunzi (portrayed by Anelisa Phewa) instead of opening up to him and finding a compromise that would meet both their needs.

In our last series Yoliswa (portrayed by Lerato Mvelase) was in a very vulnerable and fragile state. She was fundamentally betrayed by the man she thought she loved when he served her on a silver platter to her rapist. She consequently shutdown her sexuality believing that it would safeguard her and that time would heal her hurt instead of proactively working through the aftermath of her traumatic ordeal. When we pick up with her in our second series, the sudden death of her mother brings to the surface all her supressed insecurities and underlying, unresolved torment. As much as her mother was her nemesis in the past series, she (her mother) was still great support. There was always Mama to run back to. Now she’s no more. Yoliswa now finds short-lived comfort in the arms of her friend Nonto’s son, Nkanyiso (portrayed by Bhekisizwe Mhlawe) without Nonto’s knowledge. In her professional life, Yoliswa cousels a very challenging runaway called Sosha (portrayed by Vuyelwa Maluleke). Yoliswa and Sosha are initially adversarial but come to learn from and appreciate each other.

In our past series, Nonto (portrayed by Gugu Masonda) ran away from her home in her village because she was trying to escape her uncle Langa (portrayed by Kid Sithole) who molested and impregnated her when she was a young girl. When we pick up with her in the second season, Nonto is still making a meagre living as a cleaner in Lefika’s law firm. Financial pressures mount as she has to pay for Nkanyiso’s studies at university. She is at her wits end until she finally meets her idol – Sis Pinkie (portrayed by Busiswa Mambi). Nonto finds out that the reason for Sis Pinkie’s great success is that she is running a high class brothel. Sis Pinkie seduces Nonto with the notions of financial freedom and sexual liberation. She offers Nonto an opportunity to make easy money fast. This sets Nonto on a dangerous and deadly path.

In our second series we introduce an exciting new character. Annette Phillips (portrayed by Zukisan Matola) comes from a place of true strength and is in the most positive space at the start of our series. She is confident and she has a positive world view despite the traumatic cases she often deals with as a Psychologist and Trauma counsellor. Annette Phillips’ character and her career will appeal to the SABC 1 viewers because it centres on the world we are in. It is also an aspirational factor for the viewers because it shows a woman who is from an underprivileged background but who struggled and managed to be a success without giving up. Annette takes care of her sixteen year old sister, Chloe (portrayed by Matshepo Sikaopi) and her unengaged, hypochondriac mother Paula (portrayed by SAFTA winning actress Tina Jaxa). She is a character who deals well with the world until her sister is kidnapped. The chase is on to find Chloe before she is lost forever.

In the second series of Shreds and Dreams our characters go on a journey that challenges all of their false perceptions of power, control, love and courage. Through facing rather than escaping their issues, they learn what they are truly made of and start to transcend the negative cycles of their past. Written and Directed by an all- female ensemble, this thrilling series will have viewers intrigued and glued to their television sets.

Produced by:
Roberta Durrant
Bongi Ndaba
Kaye Ann Williams

Project Details

Tags: TV

Director: Catherine Stewart, Natalie Haarhoff, Mmondi Moabi

Production Company: PawPaw Films (Sister company of Penguin Films)

Episodes: 26

Seasons: 2

Year: 2010 & 2014

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