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Project Description

SKILPOPPE is a South African feature film based on the award-winning novel of the same name by the late Barrie Hough. It is an insightful, compelling and moving look at a South African family tragedy, seen through the eyes of a seventeen year-old girl. SKILPOPPE tells the story of Anna Meyer, a schoolgirl who has recently been awarded the role of Juliet in her school production of “Romeo and Juliet”. The story traces her attempt to hold her family together while ensuring that she herself does not fall apart. Penguin Films and Lizz Meiring adapted the novel into a feature length made-for-television film as part of M-Net’s Movie of the Month initiative in 2004. It is directed by Andre Odendaal. Lizz Meiring, takes a leading role as Anna’s drama teacher and confidante. Talented newcomer Kate Ascott-Evans takes the pivotal role of Anna. She is supported by two legends of South African stage and screen, Marius Weyers and Sandra Prinsloo, who play her parents. Other key roles are filled by Paul du Toit, Kenneth Fok, Therese Benade, Makgano Mamabolo and June van Merch. SKILPOPPE was funded by M-Net, Sasani and Penguin Film Services and produced by Roberta Durrant of Penguin Films.

Project Details

Tags: Films

Director: Andre Odendaal

Production Company: Penguin Films

Year: 2004

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