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Fishy Feshuns

Fishy Feshuns

Project Description

Directors: Bobby Heaney and Andre Odendaal

Super sitcom FISHY FêSHUNS returns for 3rd season on SABC2
THE third series of FISHY FêSHUNS – about the goings on between workers and their boss in a clothing factory – returns to SABC2 from end September, on Fridays at 18h30.

Starring Russel Savadier, June Van Merch, Stella Magaba, Lee-Ann Van Rooi, Marie Pentz, Jolene Martin and Jody Abrahams, Fishy Feshuns is set in a small garment factory in Cape Town (“Fisher Fashions”), owned by one Harold Fisher and peopled by the likes of Dino (his cutter), Jérmaine de la Fontaine (a freelance designer) and a workforce of five strong women – Patsi (the shop floor steward), Xoli, Rochelle, Vera and Janine

Fisher’s over-demanding wife Bernice, also pops in and out of the factory – usually to check up on Harold and the girls – and her presence always provokes comic conflict.

Debuting in 1999, FISHY FêSHUNS has proved an enduringly successful sitcom, with strong plot lines, hilarious characterization, physical humour and great gags and was re-commissioned by the SABC due to public demand.
The situation comedy arises from Fisher having to operate with his rather motley workforce (who are always trying to dupe him in some way) to meet serious deadlines, satisfy client’s needs and try and stay on top of his ever-increasing debt, ballooned by Bernice, who spends her time shopping and at the beauty salon.

All the situations play out on the factory floor and in Fisher’s office and in each episode FISHY FêSHUNS features a new clothing line that needs completion within a deadline.


Harold Fisher: Russel Savadier
Patsy: June van Merch
Xoli: Stella Magaba
Rochelle: Lee-Ann van Rooi
Vera: Marie Pentz
Janine: Jolene Martin
Dino: Jody Abrahams
Bernice Fisher: Michele Maxwell
Jérmaine: Odidi Mfenyana


Include such names as Shaleen Sertie-Richards, Deon Coetzee, Natalie Bekker, Peter Butler, Denise Newman, Dorette Potgieter, Michele Levin, Theo Vilakazi, Timmy Kwebulana, Nikki Jackman, Terry Norton, Nicole Hannekom and many, many more.

Project Details

Tags: TV

Location: Cape Town

Director: Bobby Heaney / Andre Odendaal

Production Company: Penguin Films

Episodes: 39

Seasons: 3

Year: 2003 - 2006

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